Welcome to Higher Education Archives & Libraries Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
The Department of Education has been reorganized into two separate Departments w.e.f. July 2001, i.e.Elementary & Secondary Education and Higher Education, Archives and Libraries. Presently the following Directorates are under the administrative control of the Department: Directorate of Higher Education…....
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Minister Message
Launching of web portal for Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an important step towards merit and transparency. The wave of adoption of e-government technology is increasingly gaining momentum in the developing countries for enhancing good gove... View Details
Secretary Message
Mr. Manzoor Ahmad   Knowledge is the only tool for social transformation, intellectual growth and economic development. Knowing the fact, every nation concentrates upon educating its citizens spending a sizable portion of its budget every year. The i... View Details
Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Secretary 9210337
PS to Secretary 9213502
Special Secretary 9223542
Additional Secretary 9210053
Deputy Secretary(Admn) 9210980
Deputy Secretary (Universities) 9214075
Deputy Secretary (Colleges) 9212807
Chief Planning Officer 9211344
Deputy Chief Planning Officer 9211191
Section Officer (General) 9213502
Section Officer (UE-I) 9213502
Section Officer (UE-II) 9213501
Section Officer (C-I) 9213501
Section Officer (C-II) 9213501
Section Officer (C-III) 9213501
Section Officer (C-IV) 9213501
Section Officer (Training) 9213501
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